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Henry VIII
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Good idea, Greedy. I'll bite:

1.)I'm 21
2.)Weight training, swimming, reading
3.)I hate it when someone asks "What's a good barrel for 98c, A-5, etc."
5.)Once or twice a month, usually.
6.)Besides the one in my sig, I've got a VL Genesis, which I keep around for sentimental reasons; it was my first marker.
7.)I've got four tattoos, saving up for more (but not too many more)
8.)Probably once a day during the weekdays, hardly ever on the weekends.
9.)I work part-time at a print shop, go to school full time.
10.)I hate questions like this. Never know what to say.
"If you're not at least a little insane, then you're probably boring." - me.

I used to post my setup, until I realized that nobody cares.
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