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Worst title on Pb******
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1. 24
2. flatland bmx, camping, hiking, canoe and kayak, travel to Holland and Japan
3. to many to list heres a few: Poll: 98c vs. A5 ; maxxed out tippmann for sale, anything for sale, what barrel for a 98 or a5.....continued.
4. allupinyamama, CA upstate.
5. In my head = everyday, really = 1-2X month
6. 98C with the works and a little home mods
7. Identity theft victim, If I catch you Im gonna unload a hopper full to the eye, nose, mouth, and throat area. for real!
8. 5-6 times daily, unless Im gone camping or playing PB.
9. graduating senior looking for a career.
10. things I hate: theives, liars, backstabbers, and the radical conservative movement.
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