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Re: Get to know your fellow Tippmann Members

Originally posted by Greedy
1. How old are you? Almost 17
2. Beside Paintball What do you like doing? Skating, freestyle bmx, doing stuff with my friends, driving.
3. What question do you hate asked most in these forums? Any repatitive form of the "upgrade" question.
4. Where are you from? Chiiiiico, California
5. How often do you play paintball? Usually twice a month, but I haven't played since July '03 because of money and gun issues. HOWEVER! I'm going up on Monday to play!
6. What kind of gun(s) do you have? I've had several in the past, but I've always held onto my Model 98 (cause it's old school), and I also have a Piranha Pro TS for kicks. I hope someday to have an '03 Shocker or X-mag. I also want to build a 98 or Spyder from scratch.
7. Share an interesting fact about yourself (keep in mind this is a G-rates site) I have ADD
8. How often do you get on Every day for at least 2 hrs
9. Where do you work? (don't have to give names, could be general like Supermarket or clothing store) No job-I'm enjoying my last few months of freedom. I have to get one this summer

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