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1. 20
2. Tinkering with my computer's innards, wishing I had money to fix up old cars, playing around with my Motorcycle, hangin around with my lady
3. "What's the funniest thing a newb has said to you" ( alot of the replies sound like they are made up, but I quit reading after one random page)
4. Iowa
5. I try for 3 or 4 times a month
6. Tippman A5 and Mokal Mirage
7. A while back when a friend of mine mentioned paintball, I convinced him and four other people who had never played before to buy 98C's as beginners guns. I hope Tippmann is listening .
8. When I have time to kill. (alot)
9. A Biochemistry Supply store
10. I go to The University of Iowa and a couple of my buddies and I are contemplating our ability to try for the intramural team.
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