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Originally posted by TrIcK3D0uT E-99
the one shoots more accurate than imps around its price. this thing also comes w/ a great reg. and it was a higher ROF. i dont kno any imps w/ an ACE for under $450 around that. i dont kno y pll say the eye on the one is bad, i have a TES and seriously i never choped 1 ball in the gun. only in the barrel and all i had to do was run a squigee through it. never did i have to take the bolt out etc. only to oil it before i used the gun the first time i got it.the TES shoots very accurate i canonly imagine the one will be even better. my friend has an imp i dont like the way they feel i think the one has a ore solid feel when shooting. i dono, but for me the TES is easier to get a high ROF when shooting. i average like 9-14bps when Im shooting it. i never got 20 and probaly never will. but Im just saying i just like the one better the way it shoots. it comes w/ a decent reg. and stock barrel isnt that bad plus the ACE. all u really need is a drop forward b/c the stock drop forward is like 1/2 inch or not even.
Well, you're wrong. The Impulse is more consistant, and has a good stock barrel. This creates greater accuracy. Secondly, it comes with a max flow, which is all I have to say. You basically repeated your post over and over and I stopped reading it. That's about it.

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