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Re: Get to know your fellow Tippmann Members

1. How old are you? [color=blue][b]18.
2. Beside Paintball What do you like doing? Jamming to ska music, talking to the few friends I have, checking out PBR, reading, video games.
3. What question do you hate asked most in these forums? Any question that can be answered quite easily with a simple search.
4. Where are you from? Oregon.
5. How often do you play paintball? Haven't played since November.
6. What kind of gun(s) do you have? Tippmann m98, Tippmann ProCarbine, Spyder Victor.
7. Share an interesting fact about yourself (keep in mind this is a G-rates site). I've met a ton of bands. I got almost all of my friends into paintball.
8. How often do you get on Everyday.
9. Where do you work (don't have to give names, could be general like Supermarket or clothing store)? During the school year, currently, nowhere. Summers I have worked with my dad, construction.
10. Anything else. Blargh.

Oh and I deleted those other posts in here because they weren't answering the survey. One post per person in this thread.
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