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Your name is Buck right?
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1. 17, 18 in April
2. Martial Arts (Muay Thai, some form of catch wrestling), Sparring, Fighting, This girl
3. Haven't been on pbreview long enough to get pi--ed off at n/e questions
4. Toronto
5. Whenever I can (haven't really played much, cuz of the snow and all)
6. Tippmann 98C
7. I have a high tolerance for pain, I come home with bruises on my thighs and shins on a regular basis (from sparring not paintball)
8. Almost everyday, but I don't post much
9. the basement or not eating lunch and using that money for paintball or oriental/martial arts weapon
10. Umm...yeah paintball...fighting...people please stop PMing me and asking me paintball questions cuz I don't really know anything YET!
My Setup:

SP Ion, SP Q-Lock, SP QEV, TechT L6, Redz On/Off with rail, Lapco SnapShot 14" 0.689

Halo B w/ rip

68/4500 Crossfire HP

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