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Lightbulb Quick & Easy TES Drop Forward

Here is what I did. Inexpensive, functional, maybe not "perfect".
1. Buy a Java Tuc-Tite. (approx $37)
2. Buy 1 ea. 10/32 1/2" allen bolt and set screw. (<50 cents)
3. Remove the small stock Drop Forward and ASA.
4. Attach Tuc-Tite to bottom of grip with 2 original DF bolts.
5. Remove stock ASA from DF. Held on with one set screw, loosen and slide apart.
6. Attach stock DF to Tuc-Tite, facing BACKWARDS. Use 10/32 bolt in REAR keyhole of stock DF and attach to Front center threads of Tuc-Tite. Put new set screw down through Rear threads of the Tuc-Tite to prevent slippage. You can even drill a recessed detent in the top of stock DF if you like.
7. Slide the stock ASA onto the reversed DF and secure with the stock set screw.

No need to remove the regulator, or even a hose fitting! .............

The stock DF plate will extend about 1" in front of the Tuc-Tite. It doesn't bother me, but send a message if you would like a picture. It can be machined and re-anodized if you prefer.
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