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the new cocker faq, now with strawberry flavor!

this is the new cocker faq! re-done and re-organized for easy navigating. here's how it works: post a question, answer, or both. it will be copied and pasted into the correct section of the faq. if you answered a question, your name will go into the credits section.


Question: Paintballs seem to roll out of my barrel on my Autococker, why?
Answer: Since the Autococker is a closed bolt system, the bolt pushes the ball into the end of the barrel before it is fired. If the paintball bore size you are using is too small for your barrel, you will experience roll out. Your best bet is to buy a barrel kit and match the paint bore size to the correct bore size barrel back/insert.

Question: My Autococker chops balls alot, why?
Answer: First thing you should really do is practice with your trigger. You may be "Short-stroking" it. This means that you're not pulling the trigger all the way back, then letting it go all of the way forward. If you short-stroke it, it may cause you to chop.

Secondly, your Autococker may be timed incorrectly. Re-time your Autococker and try again. If you arn't confident with timing it yourself, bring it to your local pro shop.

To reduce chopping, you can always try setting your Autococker to "pinch" paint. Or you can try a JAM Anti-Chop bolt.

Question:How do you keep the cocking rod from falling out?
Answer:To keep your cocking rod on, you can use blue loctite, which is removeable. It's pretty much safe unless you screw the rod in too far. To apply the loctite, follow the directions on the bottle. Also, you might try using teflon tape, for a more replaceable solution. To apply the tape, wrap it counter clockwise around the threading of the rod twice. Only screw it in finger tight. If the knob is coming off, you can tighten the setscrew located inside the knob, which is accessible from the back. You can tighten it using a SAE allen key, not sure of the size. A rule of thumb when tightening your cocking rod is to only screw it in finger tight. Any more, and you run the risk of messing up the threads.
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