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Air Systems

Question: Will CO2 ruin my Autococker?
Answer: Not in its gas form. Cockers were first run on co2 way back in the day. However, liquid co2 will damage the o-rings. It is recommended that you can an anti-syphon kit and a palmer's stabilizer regulator for optimum performance and long marker life.

Question: I just got my Autococker, should I use C02 or HPA?
Answer: You can use either. BUT, if you are using C02, you take take the risk of ruining internal o-rings and getting bad efficiency. If you must use C02, it is recommended to have an Anti-Syphon system installed into your C02 bottle. With Anti-Syphon, no liquid C02 will enter into the marker and it will be alot more consistent, but with Anti-Syphon, it still does not guarantee C02 won't condense inside the marker. But in the end, having your C02 bottle Anti-Syphoned is better then not having it at all. C02 is also affected by outside temperature, so your velocity may change from time to time.

It is recommended that HPA (High Pressure Air) is used because it is cleaner and will give you better consistency. HPA is not affected by outside temperature. The only downside to HPA is the cost of buying an HPA system, it is very expensive.

Question: What should I use to seal air fittings?
Answer: This is not cocker specific, but you should use either 3-4 layers of teflon tape or 1-2 drops of blue loctite on the external threads of the part you are going to install.

Question: How do i adjust my velocity?
Answer: take out the cocking rod and use the proper size allen wrench and turn the ivg either to the left to lower the velocity or the right to increase it.

Question: Should i use a high pressure or low pressure tank?
Answer: High pressure. you should always have twice as much pressure being fed into the inline reg than what is being put into the gun. this reduces the risk of shootdown.
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