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Tools/Common Measurements

Trigger frame: 1/8
Banjo bolt: 3/16
IVG: 3/16
Front block set screw: 3/16
Cocking rod set screw: 3/32
Three-way coupler set screw: 1/16
ASA Screw: 1/4" 12 point socket

Lug set screw: 1/8
Valve: Valve tool (its a special tool, invest in one)

Eye: 1/16
Trigger frame set screws: 1/16

Question: What is the threading for grip frame screws, the lpr, and air fittings?
Answer: The grip frame screws on the body and the screw holes for the drop forward/bottom line are 10-32. All pb markers with standard measurements (spyders are an example of metric markers) have air fittings that are 1/8-27 NPT.
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