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Although Saint has posted something about this down a few posts, I feel a responsibility to put more in because it looks bad as a blank section:

Common Questions

1. What is shortstroking?

Answer: Short stroking is when a person pulls the trigger usually all the way back, but then doesn't let the trigger return all the way forward. Sometimes if they have a short trigger pull they can still do this. Or they get going fast enough and don't have their timing exactly right and pull too fast before a full cycling of the cocker can be completed

2. If my LPR is set really low will I still shortstroke?

Answer: Yes you still can. It doesn't matter if your LPR pressure is 1psi. You can still short stroke. LPR pressure has nothing to do with short stroking what so ever

3. Why am I seeing paint breaking in my barrel. Is it my barrel?

Answer: You're seeing yourself shortstroke. See question#1 for what this is. If you know it's not that (i.e you're shooting 1 ball and you're seeing this). Either you have balls in the barrel already. The paint is too large for the barrel. Or you've got something in the barrel breaking the paint. Rarely are those the cases. Usually you'll only be seeing the paint breaking if you're trying to shoot really fast on a mech cocker

4. How can I stop shortstroking? And can I retime it?

Answer: Simple answer. Learn how to do a full pull. Sit at night at home, wherever, and pull the trigger all the way back. Hold it there for a second. Let it go all the way, hold for 1 second. Keep practicing til you don't need to hold it at each place for 1 second and you still know that you're doing a full pull. By doing this you'll learn how far the trigger goes forward and how far it goes back.
And no you can't time out a chance of shortstroking. No matter how good you are at it. You can get close but there is always the possibility to chop

[size=2]Common Misconceptions:[/size=2]

1. I've got a mech cocker, and if it's suppose to shoot every time I pull the trigger why am I chopping

Answer: This is misconception to a degree that many people who have cockers have. It's true that it will shoot everytime the trigger is pulled, however, and a big however, that's for 1 complete or full pull. That means that you pull the trigger all the way back, and let it return all the way forward. Many people who have chopping problems blame either their timing and/or their hopper for not feeding fast enough. They always say, "But I can pull 12bps, it's the stupid hopper or stupid timing". You can usually only pull a mechanical cocker around 7-9 maybe 10 bps, at most.

2. I can't be shortstroking I have X ram and X lpr and X 3 way, so I know my timing is so short that it's still not possible to short stroke

Answer: Yet again, on a mechanical cocker, and most any other marker on the market, you can always short stroke. Just because you have the highest products and a 1mm pull on a cocker doesn't mean anything. You can still pull to fast before the cycling completes and hence you've got yourself a good sloppy mess

Will add more later, Sorry if its hard to read...I think my friends put **** in my drink last night.
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