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Real and non WGP liscensed cockers.

- ans
- roughneck- domination
- extreme- system x - vengeance
- aka -merlin
- hybrid
- ccm
- Jackal
- works
- mountain view
- spearhead
- spanky
- bonebrake
- ppc krusher
- warped sports - has done both......
- fireball mountain


WGP liscensed

- Planet Eclipse
- Murder inc
- Dye
- Kapp
- Evolution- besales
- P&P
- Meteor
- Mac Dev
- Freeflow
- Shocktech

Question: How fast can a cocker shoot, BPS wise?

Answer: Most mech cockers can reach an average of 6-8 bps, sometimes a little higher. E-bladed cockers are capped by your settings, hopper, cycling speed, and your fingers. The sky's the limit.


The Eclipse QEV's are designed to maximise the potential of your ram. Dimensions are: length13.4mm, width 9.55mm, height 10.4mm. Them come in singles.

Worried if the Eclipse QEV's will fit your existing ram? Here's a list of
the rams that they will instantly fit into and a list of those that will
need a little modification.

Palmer rams,
ANS Mini,
SMC rams,

Modification required:
STO ram (rear hole need re-tapping to 10/32")
Stock WGP (both holes need re-tapping to 10/32")

Question: Can I get a new feedneck for my autococker?

Answer: It depends on which model you own. If you have a base model marker, such as the prostock, '03, or '02, you will have to have the body rethreaded first. and worr will do this for a price. Higher up models like the orracle and black magic require autococker threaded feednecks. If you own a non-wgp bodied cocker, it's likely that you will need angel threaded feednecks.
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