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I just wanted to say a little something about grenades,

Many people dont like them, maybe the cost, and i have to admit im ot a huge fan of them either, but they have saved my butt many times. For example, i wass playin a 6 on 6 woods match with my buds. There is this area where theres a river which is dried up, and the bank of it is really tall (perfect place for some cover). well anyways on one side there is this big stack of logs which is right above the enbankment. my team got cought in a firefight with us shooting from behind the logs and them in the river bed. we couldernt get out cause they had snipers ready to peg our escape. to make a long story short, after about ten minutes we jus lobbed a little grendel down into theyre cover and bam!, we took 4 out of 6 of theyre team.
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