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posted by abarnhar

Massive Multi-State Meet - Senario/Speedball
For all interested Automag Users and other paintballers who like a roadtrip :

AO-CO 3.0 is being planned for July 10th and 11th at APP in Greeley, Colorado. More information will be forth-coming at the below link.

We are planning on having players (Mag owners and non) from at least six states in attendance. We will be playing one day of senario ball with the APP Lord of the Rings senario and one day of speedball.

Carpools from many states are starting to be organized.

Click below! umber=1

07/17/2004 - Missouri, USA
CRP Nationals Open 3-Man (3-Man Tournament)
General Details

Event Type:
3-Man Tournament
Event Start Date: 07/17/2004
Event End Date: 07/17/2004
Web Site for Event:

Event Details

Entry Fee:
Deadline for Entry: 07/03/2004
Directions to Fields: 20366 co rd 510,20366 Co Rd 510 Bloomfield Missouri
Sponsors: CRPerformance Paintball Products
Hotel Information:
First Place: 60% payback
Second Place: 30% payback
Third Place: 10% payback
Contact Information
Event Phone Number: 573-568-3942,573-568-3942
Event Email Address:
Field Name: Crowley Ridge Paintball ,Crowley Ridge Paintball
Field Phone Number: 573-568-3942
Comments: CRP Nationals Open 3-Man -Bloomfield-MO-Midwest_US- July 17, 2004 Sponsered by CRPerformance Paintball Products Held at Crowley Ridge Paintball 20366 Co Rd 510 Bloomfield MO 63825 573-568-3942
OPEN CLASS Event Paint Only at $50.00 a case
$200.00 Per Team Entry Fee if Pre-Registered by July 3rd, 2004
$250.00 Regular Registration Prizes are Trophies at 50/50 Payback 60%- 1st Place 30%- 2nd Place 10%- 3rd Place

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