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I have a small cops story One day back in the noob ages we were firing off stingrays shooting at each other having a good ol time well anyways a friends mom is watching us (Stingrays do look like guns for real if your a bit off) shes getting scared ,this was a little after 9/11,she thought the Taliban were outside killing so she phones the cops well we are still playing........ The cops come up pistols out.(we never saw this we were still playing lol)So there about to enter our field thank the lord my friend comes home finally and sees the cops astonished she asks what are they doing. Her mom says theres a gun fight out back but luckily she knew our paintball plans so she told the cops and they left all the while we were playing... My friends and I didnt even know until about a month later that there were cops about to come onto the field............
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