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Q: Can Mags be run on Co2?

A: Yes you can run an Automag on C02, in fact when Mags were designed, nitro wasn't even in use. Quoted from the Automag manual:

Liquid CO2 in this paintball marker will cause all the active o-rings to leak and the velocity will not be controllable. Make sure the tank valve is feeding air into the paintball marker fast enough when rapid firing; make sure the valve is completely open. Paintball markers that dramatically lose velocity often have this problem. For vertical tank and remote vertical tank setups, always use standard tanks that have been weight checked to ensure proper fills. Horizontal tanks should be antisiphon.
Contact your local dealer for information on an anti-siphon tank.
The vertical bottle adapter is an accessory for the 68AUTOMAG and a standard feature on the MINIMAG. It helps reduce the possibility of the paintball marker “going liquid” by mounting the standard air tank vertically. When using CO2, steps must be taken to keep liquid from entering the valve. The most effective setup we can recommend is a full size expansion chamber
vertically mounted in front of the trigger frame and a remote tank. The hose would run from the A.I.R. valve to a vertical adapter mounted on the bottom of the rail, in front of the trigger frame. The expansion chamber screws into the adapter just like a tank. A hose would then run from the bottom of the chamber
to remote tank positioned vertically on your back (in a pouch, on your belt?).

Many people who do not like remote tanks mount their tanks horizontally off the bottom of the trigger frame or main rail. Any horizontal tank should be antisiphon.
Anti-siphon tanks are tailored to specific adapters. They are setup for, and cannot be interchanged with other CA adapters. Remote tanks should be standard (Neither siphon nor anti-siphon). Overall, remote tanks are more effective because they are vertical. Keep in mind
that no setup is 100% effective in keeping liquid CO2 out.
Below 50oF freezing will still occur, even with an expansion chamber and remote. If you plan on playing in cold weather, seriously consider a high pressure system.

If you are going to use C02, don't play in cold weather (below 50) and the best setup would be an x chamber with a remote. You could just have a gas throu grip, but there are nice x-chambers (the ACI 6 stage sub zero is highly recommended). The gun (if you chose not to use an x-chamber) will not be damaged. You'll just have to repair more 0-rings more often, because c02 is bad on 0-rings. But o-rings are no biggy. and you might have to clean your internals a little more than the nitro users. also no biggie. If you really like your gas through grip, and want to get the same proformance as an x-chamber, you can put the X-chamber where you normally would put your tank (the horizontal ASA), and then have the remote running directly into the x-chamber.

(Helped by Lorquas)

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