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Q: What do I need to run a Mag on co2 (cause hpa/nitro is not readily available in my area,etc)

A: Either an anti-syphon bottle, a remote setup or a vertical bottle adapter. DO NOT use a anti-syphon tank and remote together. It makes a syphon remote whice is bad for most markers, including Mags.

The cheapest in a vertical bottle adapter. It comes standard on Minimags. It works best when the weather is warm and you are using a larger tank because it is harder to chill.

The 2nd best way is to use an anti-syphon tank mounted in a horizontial duckbill adpater or drop forward/cradle system.

The most expensive but best perfomance comes from using a remote hose from the tank to an expansion chamber mounted on the marker. The ACI Sub-Zero expansion chambers perform very well

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