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I'm sorry I dont have a pic(I dont know how to put one on here yet) but I did something similar to my trigger but on my 2k2 E-Force trigger. I removed the tigger really carefully, first buy moving the circut board thats directly above it. Then I drilled a hole in the center of the trigger. The hole was smaller than the tap(a special bit that threads holes) I had bought and I then threaded the hole. Then I used a small allen screw I bought at a hardware store and put it in there. Now I have 2 points to adjust my electronic trigger.

WARNING: I totally butchered my trigger doing this. I sanded as many imperfections down as I could but it still looks a little messed. My frame still works and the trigger funtions just fine, I'm just saying be very carefull on how you go about doing this mod to your trigger and frame.

NOTE: This mod of mine can get you in some trouble. I have my trigger set just right so that it bounces like a mofo. I can pull a 4 shot burst faster than you can say "whoa". You have to respect power like this in order to use it properly. What I mean is that you MUST use your evil trigger bounce on: E-Blade Cocker, Timmy, Angel, and Matrix owners without discretion.

I'll try and post a pic shortly, good luck all.


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