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ok i just got my halo b, and i have had a egg for awhile,
so i decided to see how fast the halo b was , i used energizer batterys, just the regular kind,
paint, well i decided to give them wal mart paint, you know the crappy kind, just to make it a little more intresting,
the halo b emptied 100 balls in 4.7 seconds, not bad, but i did notice two very small gaps,
2nd tests, same batterys and paintballs, emptied in 4.9, a .2 second difference, also noticed 2 small gaps again,
3rd test same everything, emptied in 4.8 seconds, good time again, and also noticed one gap,
so all around the halo did ok, better then what i expected for crappy paint,
so since i own both now i must say they are both top of the line loaders, and while the halo is faster then the non-y board evo, it also has it cons, like i said im keeping them both and while test them on my new nasty paintball gun when i get it,
ps good job bourne on your review, im not knocking it or anything
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