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But how far away from the marker were u? like upwards of 200 feet, I would expect. And all paintballs move pretty slow towards the end of their trajectory, thusly making them quite easy to dodge. From my own experiences it is not that hard. Also, lets say that u've got a tippy a5 with a nice 12 in barrel. You angle it up at say a 45 degree angle and it shoots 150 ft. Now put a flatline on, and it shoots atleast 50 feet further. Know why? the backspin on the paintball leaving the flatline creates two air pockets around the ball. A cushion of high pressure air forms under and slightly behind the paintball, this is what gives it the trajectory, also creating the flatline trajectory that looks like the paintball is floating. I believe this is referred to as the Magnus Effect, the same principle airplane wings were designed from. The cushion of air created by the magnus effect counteracts the forces of gravity for a certain amount of time, until the cushion dissipates...and the regular forces of gravity and wind resistance begin to take over the flight of the paintball.
Only these effects do not begin to take place until the paintball has flown 75 feet, unlike a regular barrel, in which a paintball is acted upon by gravity immediately after leaving the barrel. Therefore the paintball flys further. And wouldn't you say, that because the paintball is not affected by gravity until it hits about 75 feet or so, that it is traveling faster than a paintball from a regular barrel at the same exact distance. Yes, you would, because that is right. If the flatline paintball is traveling faster at 75 feet, it will be traveling faster even after the other paintball has hit the ground, this would improve the effective range would it not? Just because you can catch a paintball shot from a flatline in upwards of 200 feet doesn't mean it's effective range is exactly that of a regular paintball. the reason it appears to "float" is that the paintball flies in a more predictable patern, a straight line, and is easier to follow than a regular paintball.
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