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mods disount any of the people that have gone OT, i dont want all this work everyone has done to goto waste. please refrain for information on flatlines and such, this is to help give a guide and some what a mini review of barrels to help decision making in buying.

thank you, but makes me sad, teuf chibi and cool get a G/J, but not little \\'arriorr.

caught my tears.......
RIP(sold) Rizzie-black imagine, cip full force bolt, cip 15 AB, java feedneck,custom grips,Empire Reloader B,IS board/switch, slasher,white to blue powder anno, horozontal maxxy, aka sidewinder, madmann valve

ISO: Ion, Imp, Omen, E-Bladed cocker, and a Raven NEXION BODY(DIRE ISO)for my upcoming project... PM me.

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