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Location: ill tell you where. someplace warm. a place where the beer flows like wine. where beutiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of capastrano. im talkin about a little place called San Diego.
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this may sound like clever or cowardly tactics, but i have did this only once. if you have no cover, make some. i did this my setting up my pod pack in a barely angled way just so it would stand up. i laid down in the prone position behind it and it worked great. of course dont just go in the middle of the field and do this. also, go where no one is expected. if there are hoops lit on fire leading to an area behind your opposition, go there. and when playing newbs... HAUL AS*!!!! Go Rambo and get as far up as you can.
To end the school week off, Friday's "3rd grader let's loose all the animals in the local zoo and runs with them through the school, hoping to send a message through the media representing freedom and peace day"
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