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Gun "A" vs. Gun "B"

These are Gun vs. Gun Threads. I sorted out ones that had too little replies. And yes, their are some hybrid blowbacks listed

Ion vs. Promaster

Ion vs. promaster

Ion vs. Promaster

Ion vs. prostock vs. Trilogy

Ion vs. nerve vs. Fusion

Ion vs. Pimp

Ion vs. Pimp

G7 Fly vs. Ego

A4 vs. E-Orracle

Dragon Timmy vs. 03 Shocker

Shocker vs. Impulse

03 Shocker vs. Angel Speed

Shocker vs. Sys X NME

Shocker vs. Karnivor vs. Timmy

Vision Shocker vs. Ego vs. PM6

Shocker vs. Pimp vs. Promaster

NXT vs. PM6 vs. Ego

DM4 vs. Alias Timmy

DM4 vs. A4 Fly

DM6 vs. 06 Ego

DM6 vs. G7 Fly

Defiant vs. Fs-7

BKO vs. 2K3 Autococker

BKO vs. B2K

BKO vs. Spyder

2k4 Bko vs. Pmi Evo

05 BKO vs. Ion

ICD BKO vs. Odyssey 03

BKO vs. Omen

Bushmaster vs. Impulse

E-orracle vs. promaster

2K2 E-Mag vs. 2K2 Impact LCD

B2K4 vs. Superstock Cocker

2k4 BKO vs. PMI Evo

B2K3 pds vs. Impulse Vision

Impulse vs. BKO

Impulse vs. 2K4

Impulse vs. TES

Ion vs. Wrath

Ion vs. Shocker

Ion vs. Dm6

Impulse vs. Timmy

B2k4 vs. RAT Impulse

B2K4 vs. Matrix

B2K5 vs. 05 Superstock

Alias Timmy vs. Matrix

Alias Timmy vs. 03 Dark Shocker

Alias Timmy vs. 05 Ego

Timmy vs. Shocker

Timmy vs. Shocker

03 Shocker vs. Demon Speed

Shocker vs. AKA 04 Viking

Socker vs. Karnivor

Omen vs. impulse

Omen vs. Impulse

Omen vs. 2k4 cocker

Omen vs. Ion

Omen vs. Ion

Omen vs. Impulse

BKO vs. Omen

03 Shocker vs. Matrix vs. Speed

Matrix vs. Viking

Matrix vs. 05 Speed

X-Mag vs. IR3

Silver Bullet vs. Electro Spyder

Jt Excellerator vs. Imagine

A-5 vs. Black Dragun

Tippman A-5 vs. Dragon TES

Impulse vs. Black Dragun

Flash vs. Jt Excellerator

Spyder AMG vs. Black Dragun

E-99 vs. Black Dragun

BKO vs. Dragun TES

Karnivor vs. Sonic Cyborg

Karnivor vs. PM6

E2 Cocker vs. Nerve

Rat LTD vs. Pimp

Which Gun

Which Gun

Which gun for back player

Updated 11/02/06
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