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i have herd that the new t.e.s 's dont have the adjustment screws but that could be a line of bull s***

O.K. then, here is what you do:

1. Degas you marker.
2. Cock you marker.
3. Look to the left of your grip frame right behind your solenoid. There is a small allen key bolt. Unscrew it until it is flush with your gripframe.
4. Next, unscrew the back allen bolt that is right behind your grip frame.
5. Next screw in your back allen bolt slowly until you marker uncocks.
6. Unscrew the back allen bolt 1 turn from where ur marker uncocked.
7. Recock your marker.
8. Turn your marker on and see if you can fire it.
9. If you can fire it, then gas your marker up, cock it and dry fire it to see if it recocks.
10. If it recocks then tighten in the allen key on the left hand of the grip until it stops, then add another 1/8th just so the screw dont come loose again!!

hope that helps!!

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