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Originally posted by iboomker
I posted this a couple of week ago. I don't mean to spam but I think everyone needs to know about this!!!

Basicly in the world of ebay... The only thing that seperates the good from the bad is the feedback that customers leave after a transaction. I am sure you would feel much better bbuying something from someone that has a high positive feedback record.
Well...... I found out that our friends at 3A have a little trick to get better feedback... You basicly buy it for pennies. You might ask, how did I find this out? I was looking at buying one of their tanks to I went thru their feedback. I was noisy so I wanted to see what they were buying. It was odd that they bought the same recipe 3 times. Since I've caught on to this I've noticed a lot of their feedback has went private. But look for yourself. Here is a link to the things that 3a has bought on ebay

I am working on an investigation into this. It's nice to work in the media.

3A Scam evidence
That makes me sick.
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