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Originally posted by Magpi
What do tanks and laws and mortars fire anyway? just really big paintballs or regular sized ones? I have never played a scenario game so i dont know, but me and a few friends are hoping to go to one most likely D-Day where there are a ton of tanks. Which side is ussually the underdog there and why btw?
They generally can fire either. You can get a "artillary" shell which is basically a rubber tube filled with paint with a loose cardboard sleeve on the outside. If you want a "shotgun" affect, Fill with loose paintballs and the put in a piece of foam that is tied to the mortar/laws. The foam keeps the balls in while not causing damage when it's fired. Opsgear actually makes a nerf-type rocket which is soaked in paint & fired from your shoulder.

Go to or to check out some pictures of both the equipment as well as the ammo.
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