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I'll share MY 3A story.

I won one of their coiled remotes off of ebay in june or july of 2003. First, lets clarify the fact that i'm canadian, and my winning bid for the remote was $25 canadian. (~$18 or $20 US at the time)
Anyway. It took forever for them to provide me with the necessary shipping information, including shipping charges. When they finally DID provide it, i found out it was gonna cost me, get this.... $75 canadian to get the remote into my hands.
I was stunned at this. It seems that after a certain amount of my tinkering with the numbers, the way they arrived at this figure was to take the US currency, and convert it to Canadian. Then they seemed to forget they had converted the cost, and then took that number and converted it AGAIN.

Unfortunately, i was required to PAY the money, firstly due to Ebay rules of winning a bid, and secondly due to the fact that i was using a friends paypal and ebay account to make the purchase! (i didnt want to smear his spotless record)

And then i subsequently got anally reamed at the border thanks to customs. My remote finally arrived in september. several months after i "won" (if you call that winning) the auction.

Bottom line, dont buy from 3A. THey seem to be screwing customers left, right and center.
And the Ebay review system someone was talking about? I noticed the same thing. I also noticed they take retribution on the CUSTOMER reviews. they run a little smear campaign by waiting before they submit a review. they repay good reviews with good reviews, and repay bad reviews in the same fashion.

Its a despicable way to run a business. and i use the term QUITE loosely.
God, I love this game!
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