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Tips for Safeguarding your gun.

Don't want your baby in somebody else's hands? Try these tips.

Engrave your name and number on th inside of your grip.

Laptop security devices work wonders for guns and bags.

Write down your serial numbers and take pictures of your gun.

See what your home owners insureance covers for property (some companys, if the gun is worth over $1000, will cover up to 1% of your home's value)

Get a large gear bag. Some one is much less likely to take a smaller travel bag than a huge 40lb gear bag.

For your bag, get a master lock. Put your paint, gun, etc in there between games.

If you have a car, lock your stuff in there between games.

A simple bell on your gun or bag between games can help draw attention.

Keyfinders. (kinda like the clapper light thing)

A bike lock. Chain your gun to a post or pole.

Have a good friend or realitive watch your stuff while your away.

Don't step out of sight of your equipment, if possible.

Keep a record of your pictures of your gun as you upgrade.

Just carry it with you.

Feel free to add more, i'll edit this and add em.
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