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okay, the problem with the broken linkage pin is a tough one. What you need to do is remove the back pin, take out the hammer spring, pull the bolt fully back. Now, if you can get some sort of angled tool into the lower body tube, you can actually lever the link pin free. the hammer actually has a hole going all the way through from the top to the inside of the tube. if you can find a good picture of a striker, you'll know what you mean.

about upgrades (spazzonater):
Air is nice if you can get fills where you plan to play. This upgrade will transfer nicely to another marker, should you decide to upgrade. Not much is necessary to prepare for this upgrade, if you've got a bottomline ASA. Some like to have a dropforward, but that's up to you. A used steel HPA tank with some life until its next hydro can be had on the cheap. Buying a tank with an adjustable output pressure will give you versatility, and let you tune your marker toward more gas-efficient operation, but will cost more. Consider the costs and availability of HPA in your area before you jump in.

The ONLY type of bolt it's remotely worth your money to buy (imho, of course)is of the lightweight polymer variety, but these require special care. My verdict: Don't bother.

A used 9 or 12v revy is kind of nice, and can be had very cheaply used. IMHO, not necessary for woods ball on a mechanical marker. I can fan my mech. rebel as fast as I can and my good old VL-200 still keeps up.

The best way to upgrade your trigger is an electro frame. IIRC, '02 rebels are grip-compatible with spyders. Ebay or message boards. This one can be kind of spendy. If you feel awesome, you might be able to pick up someone's nonfunctional electro-spyder (as long as the electronics are good) and slap the frame on your rebel. This upgrade is likely to necessitate the purchase of an agitated hopper.

About upgrades: (DragonX8806)
the single most important thing, I cannot stress enough is paint-to-barrel match.
You said you like the lines of your marker how it is, so, just buy paint that fits your barrel. The good folks at the field where you play should be able to sell you paint that fits nicely. Steel braided hose is a personal preference thing. It's durable. Good if you're rough with your marker when you play. Read the second half of my previous post.

... and I'm spent.

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