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So whatever became of this idea? I'm currently going through a situation that would be resolved by 3rd party system not costing me an arm and a leg.

My idea would be have a network of select stores/mods/agents/ trusted members who charge a nomial fee for this service ($10-20 {plus preferred shipping ie 3day express for the gun and priority mail for the money} sounds like a good amount considering the large amount of trades/sells that go through pbreview and the ease of testing a gun). I say a netwrok because this way you can either find one close to you on in between you and the other guy. Now these stores/people wouldn't be just anyone. they'd have to be people who's reputation/honor is worth more to them than a nice gun or lots of money. They'd have to meet some list of qualifications (have a good rep, contacts, availabilty, they love their mama) and be approved by lets say the sr. mods or the admin here.

If I wrote all this for nothing perhaps a list (or a website with the list) of should be sitckied to this and maybe the general forums.
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