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I think the biggest thing about playing woodsball is just to adapt to the situation. You can know every possible tactic in the world, but if you don't know when to use it, or how to adjust it to fit your situation, you might as well not know it. Just learn to adapt to the situation.

On a historical note. All you guys talking about Rommel and how great he was and that if he was commander of the German forces they would have done better, that is completely wrong. Rommel doomed himself when he convienced Hitler not to attack Malta when he should have, which the British were using to cut off the shipping lanes. And everyone knows that Rommel's supply situation is what caused his defeat. Rommel couldn't see the bigger picture. He was a great tactician, but not a strategist, and therefore probably would not have done that a great a job as over all commander if such a thing existed in the German military.
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