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Re: Packs

Originally posted by AR55 MtM
Well heres how i think the backs should go
3 man team- Front 2+1 Mid 2+1 Back 4+3
5 man team- Front 2+1 Mid 3+2 Back 5+4
7 man team- Front 3+2 Mid 3+2 Back 5+4
10 man team- Front 3+2 Mid 4+2 Back 5+4

but then again when you use these setups you might wanna change your strats like your mid player wears a heavy and tosses a gup to your front they make some neat tubes made for that
but then again its all about personal pref but theres my suggestions
the harness thing is just suggestions guys, its really personal prefrence. But this is a great chart.
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