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Unhappy omfg

That gas leak problem, that is common on the TES (the one out of the front block + out of the screw that holds it in), is easily fixable you said. But isn't it a better idea to just ship it back to the factory, cause you paid for it and it is defect. Yes, you probably wouldn't because you want to play with it asap (so you go for the fastest/easiest/cheapest way out).

I had it returned to the local shop (where i bought it) the last 4 times ... and every time on the field it leaked again, after about 5 minutes playing with it. Now that screw has been screwed in to tightly , it leaks ( so the screw is broken... i'd have to get a new one for it to work correctly so to speak). But a TES repair kit costs 20 euros over here, and I dont have that money ....

What do you guys think I should do??
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