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Debating over these two hoppers is like debating over religion or politics...
Everyone is right in thier own mind, and no matter what anyone says, most of us will never change our opinions...

But it's still fun

I, personally have never had a problem with my Evi, Except for the battery door hinge cracking on the shell, resulting in my battery door not closing unless I wrapped duct tape around the shell body.
Then, a full year later the lid finally cracked. So I bought a new one, a whole $4.00. BUT, when I put the new one on, I couldn't figure out how to get the springs back in. Thankfully, they aren't necessety and now I don't use them.
My feed neck has never cracked, and I cut it down, so now it's super low-profile .
AND my batteries have never died on me, actually, my little red light has never turned on, I just replace the batteries cuz I know they're getting low.

I've never used a HALO, but they seem pretty cool. Two of my teammates had the battery problem this weekend. I keep meaning to pick one up, but my Evi works just fine
"I have no idea what's going on"
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