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Chopping and Shortstroking

Question: Why is my autococker chopping? [I know for fact that the balls are being chopped and that my loader is keeping up with my ROF]

Answer: You are most likely experiencing shortstroking. Shortstroking occurs for a number of reasons, but usually fall into 2 categories.

1. You are not letting your cocker cycle properly by prematurely releasing the trigger while its in its "pull" stage.
2. Your timing is off.

Now your wondering how to solve these issues. If your having problems because of problem #1, only thing you can do from here is to practice your fingering, or [this may seem harsh] get a new gun because the autococker is not for you. Or if you can cash out 300-400 bucks, you can get an e-frame which prevents shortstroking nearly 100% of the time. Problem #2 can consist of many things that concern timing. Chopping can be caused because of poor timing in almost all aspects of timing such as setting your back block, three-way, etc. If you feel that you know what the problem is, then fix it. If you are less experienced, have someone who has experience in timing cockers take a look.
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