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GUYS! Byop Paintball field opening up! 7.00 entry! Come and play!! Good field!

Hey guys, at the below address me and a couple of friends have made a paintball field :

419 Lauder Lane
Inverness, IL 60067

Please check for directions on mapquest ( ) to see how far it is. We are about 20 minutes from O'hare Airport. The field is currently wood, but we might upgrade to Airball if enough people attend and we see that its needed. We want 2, but we dont want to be screwed over with an airball field and no players. We will play on saturdays at 9 in the morning until dark. We have food and drinks for sale, paint if needed (not a rip off price at all).

We will be hosting tournies soon, but for the first week, we are just going to be playing. Post here if your intrested or contact me!

For the field, its FLAT grass, with nice peices of wood. Soon it will be airball once we see we have enough people intrested
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