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I looked into goggle skinz, and was SOOO close to ordering it over the phone.... then I read alot of bad reviews. Of how the paint will sit in the pockets fo the holes... and how its hard to wash out unless you really soak it in water. And also how if you get gogged.. it could tear up the skin sticker... and you're screwed. My idea was to buy it, and stick in the inside of my goggles... but that idea went down the hole when I called Goggle Skinz and they told me that the sticky side was black... not camo. So I figured... they compare looking through it... to looking through a screen window. So why not just use a screen window, cut it to the right size, and stick it in the inside of the lens? On one side, I spray painted the camo pattern I wanted...on the other side I painted it black. My vision is fine. It takes a couple of minutes of playing, and I dont even realize its there anymore. It gives my vision a slightly darker tint... but my vision is clear.

Here is a picture
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