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wanting to buy this:

"My other intimidator was my bosses (Joe Petty's) personal gun so who knows what he has done to it lol. It is a black classic with a clamshell frame, w.a.s. board, delrin bolt, adjustable ram and ram cap, low pressure chamber, gladiator or torpedo reg (you and the other guy can argue it out), low pressure/hi flow barbs, and those magic Joe Petty mods that he wont even tell his employee's about. Your's for 750."

Also comes with a clamping rise.

I personally know joe petty (awesome timmy tech and dude from ) but I'm thinking 750 is a bit steep. i think i can haggle down to 700. what do ya'll think?

I like timmies.....they make me happy.

rockin' an upped classic
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