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is actually Eric Berry.
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Hehehe, your the last person left and have 3 players from the other team charging right towards you...

1) Do the most insane thing you can think of. You've got nothing to lose and hey, it just might work!
2) Talk to a bunker acting like one of your teammates are behind it. If the other team doesn't know for sure how many players are left on your team and they hear you talking to someone, they most likely will not be as eager to try to run through and shoot the heck out of you.
3)Sit and wait for a clear shot. When you are the last player left, other teams tend to act carelessly and not run for cover. They leave themselves out in the open longer while they are trying to get to you as fast as they can. If you can peg them while they are doing this you can try to even it up.
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