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Agawam Paintball

Heres another field review for you all, Hope you enjoy it as much as I did checking it out.

Business Name:Agawam Paintball

Location:Route 159 369 Main St. Agawam, Ma 01008

Telephone Number: (413) 789-3306


Registration Fee:$20-byop, $10-purchase field paint

Rental Equiptment Fee:$15 rental (field paint only)

Fill Stations:7-9oz-$2.50, 12-16oz-$3.50 20oz-$4.50
Call for hpa prices

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:"We sell and use only quality paint and do not allow others to sell paint on our fields. Type of paint varies."
1 Case (2000 Paintballs)-$75.00
1/2 Case (1000 Paintballs)- $40.00
1/4 Case (500 Piantballs)- $25.00

Styles of Play Available:Speedball- A nice Speedball field that is quite large and made up mostly of barrels, very well arranged for good play.

Woods- A great woods field that is well manicured and has a nice mix of cover for all styles of woods players. there are bunkers mixed in with the natural cover and the field is large enough to be able to flank and manuver around the other team, but not so large as to slow the games down. This was my favorite field. (I'm a confirmed woods player though )

Storm the hill- This was an interesting field on wich teams take turns assaulting a large fortress at the top of a hll. The fortress has mutiple gun ports cut into it from wich the defending team can cover the entire field. The attackers have one large bunker in the middle and many smaller bunkers that they can move to to provide themselves with cover as they make thier assault. the fortress looks nearly impregnable, and for a while we all thought it was untill the fourth game when Mike, one of our resident "snipers" evened the odds with some amazing shooting through the gun ports of the fortress. Great job MIke!

Attack and defend. This is the newest field, and although it was a fun one, it still needs a little work. It consists of a "town" setup in a clearing that one team must defend. The defending team may not leave the "town" and the attacking team may attack from 3 sides of it. This field has a lot of potential, but needs to have some of the brush that surrounds the town cleared out a bit so that the defenders have more of a chance. It was still a blast to play on though and it was fun to watch from the out of bounds side as people made thier moves.

Comments/Conculsions: We all had a great time and played well into the night. I have to give special thanks to our Ref. Tony, and his Store Madmans Corner (413) 599-1448 who sponsored my teams play for the day. FYI if you live in the western mass area, give him a call before you buy any gear, he can probably get you a really good deal on any new equipment you desire.

Tony had just setup for night games and sponsored us all with free glowballs to try it out and see how it would work. After an intitially dissapointing experince with the not so glowing balls, it was figure out that they needed to be rechaged right before play. Thanks to a player that had a (Million candlepower?) car spotlight, the balls were charged up and put to good use.
All players were provided with glowsticks that were either yellow or orange, depending on what team you were on, and the refs and the sides of the field were marked with red glowsticks. Confusion reigned as glowing paint flew through the air and bobbing lights ducked for cover. Quite a fun time!

No matter what kind of play you prefer, this place has something for you. The four differnt fields allow for A nice mix of differing types of play that will definately keep thing from getting boring, and the refs where great at keeping the action rolling right along. Good sportmanship was the order of the day, and I did not see any player conflict at all.

So check It out!
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