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Location: Bourn. Along the Bourn Automile
Phone 508 759-5130

Website: Cape Cod Paintball

Feild Fee:
/w your own $20
w/o $50 including equipment, air, and paint
BYOP is allowed!

Rental: Paint, Air, Tippmann98, Barrel Codom, and hopper.

C02/N2: $10 all day air.

feilds: Speedball/Consept/Woods

Conclusion: Great Feild to play at if you like fast moving games. They recently got a super air ball feild. They also have 5 hyper ball feilds, 2 attack defend, and 3 wood feilds. They do a $3 luch special where you get 2 slices fo peperonie pizza and a coke. Staff is freindly. Only flaw is in the summer; they get alot of wasps. If you can ignor them it's the best. They are only in the staging area and when there are alot of them the time between games is reduced to 5 or 8 minutes which means more games. At the end of the day there is a recycle game. Overall i give it an 9 because it isn't a CS village.
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