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cheaper the better
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SE Michigan

field is closed right now.. still got snow on the ground.. and changing a few things should be open in april.

Has the best techs in SE Michigan though. people from canada, western michigan, and some from ohio come up for the tech's... should see chris' gold plated cocker if ya stop by.

the field is out doors and its BYOP.. 10 bucks for a 5 hour slot.

there is a make shift field in Belleville too. no ref's, has some okay bunkers... but is free.. just built by some fans.. most play there every sunday is just east of I-94 and rossonville rd. just hit the northern service road and make left after mini storage only about 1/4 mile.

killer's park when they open it is nice.. good ref's/no one is running hot.. very thorough about that.. and awesome tech's
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