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Q: What are the different valves?


Classic / 68AutoMag - 1 repair star, runs off co2.

Minimag - 4 repair stars, runs off co2, functionally the same as a Classic.

The RT Valve (can only be used on RT Classics) - The reactive trigger actually pushes your finger back after firing each shot! Shootdown is gone forever and the gas flows into the chamber so fast you can feel the valve heat up after a long string. Slide it right in and go to town! Out of warranty and requires a repair fee.

Retro Valve - Same thing as an RT Valve, but comes stock on the RT Pros. Can be used on Automags, Minimags, Retromags, and E-Mags. Made primarily of stainless steel. 2 stars.

E-Mag valve - Functionally the same as a Retro. 2 repair stars.

X-Valve - Aluminum version of the Retro Valve. Comes with the LX stock is the main difference really. 2 repair stars.

Some older Classic, 68Automag and Minimag valves have no stars. They are out of warranty.
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