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Location: Birmingham, Al
I play at AAA (Advanced Alabama Adventures) in Birmingham.
I play on TEAM R.T.B. I also own and coach Alabama Paintball Camps.

Yeah, AAA is field paint only. But the paint is ordered EVERY Wed., And arrives EVERY Fri. No paint sits around that store.
They also do FREE tech. work on guns. They some the ONLY P.T.I. certified techs I know of around here. Listen the way I play, If I'm spending 50-60 bucks a day to play..... I Want Good Paint!!!! Check out AAA.

My Ax:
Draggon Timmy Blue/Black fade
CP Volumizer
CP "Blade style" ball bearing trigger
CP Reverse polarity magnet kit for trigger
Evil "PUNCH" ram/cap combo
'04 solinoid and larger internal hoses
Board software updated at '03 World Cup
Twist lock feed neck
12" Evil pipe
14" Freak kit
And lastly, I flipped the firing switch. So even if you SUCK you can rip 15bps, if you SUCK!! I mean SUCK!
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