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Originally posted by Fusion213
That was a great story, I wish the cops were like that around here. I was shooting at a tree in my backyard which is right in the middle of the yard, then my neighbor behind me starts to tell us to stop shooting because splatter was getting over there. I knew he was lying because I looked at the fence and there was no splatter, we were aiming low on the tree. We told him we're going to stop, and I guess he didn't hear us or something but he threatened to kill us.

I did have a plan to hook up a tow strap to his car and drag it out into the middle of an intersection late at night, but I would most likely get caught.

I really hate that neighbor, he's a free loading loser. He's probably in his 40s and he moved back in with his parents, his parents were nice to us.
I have a neighbor like that and hes the biggest ******************** ( you can only gues what those stars censor) so we pisss him off and keep shooting. Those cops were cool.
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