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Alright Jaster, while it is nowhere near as good as yours, it is my story.

Let me start with a little history. When I lived in Florida before I began my military career, I was a server at a Dennys where all the Sheriffs used to come in on their down time between calls to eat and drink coffee. When you are their server and don't charge them for most everything you tend to develop a good rapore with them.

Anyway, this past Chirstmas my wife and I went down to Florida to visit my family. We took our three Rotties with us and my parents neighbors weren't too happy about that. My male Rottie barks at people. So sue me. He is a flippin dog. And it was only during the day time. He was inside by 8 pm. Anyway, my parents neighbor was looking for a reason to call the cops and give me flak.

I am showing my little sister the proper way to handle a marker, safety, all that. Then I let her fire off a few rounds. Next thing you know the Sheriffs show up. But not just any Sheriffs, two of the ones that I knew pretty well. They recognized me after about 2 seconds an asked how everything was, how I enjoyed the military, how married life was, etc. My parents neighbor sees this and gets all pissy and goes in the back to fish on the pond (their houses are on a golf course).

I explain to the Sheriff's my situation about my dog, and they tell me not a problem, they will handle it. They go into the back yard and chew HIM out for fishing in the pond (there are alligators out there and against the housing rules).

Nothing too serious but it was funny to see the guy get what was coming to him. Now he won't even talk to my parents.

I love the military. And knowing the right people.
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