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allright check this crap out.

first off i am a paramedic for a small town. me and my partner got a call one night about 3 am for a naked man screaming in the street and howling at the moon. when me and my partner arrive we see this HUGE dude pacing the street talking to himself after much deliberation we decide to get on the radio and call for police asst. when the cop gets there we all try to talk to him and calm him down(yea right)
any ways this guy really freaks out when we try to get close to him and he procedes to growl at us. well... after about a half an hour of this the cop goes to the back of his car and pulls out a tippmann prolite and procedes to load the hopper. i stop him and ask what he was doing he says hes gonna shoot him w/pepperballs at this point i had no idea what the heck he was talking about he said watch this. he then proceded to pop this guy in the chest w4 rounds the guy screams and rushes us just about the time he got about 10 feet away from us he drops like a rock crying and rubbin his eyes with like 3ft long strings of snot hangin out his nose. the cop then calmly walks over and cuffs the guy and reads him his rights then we restrain him to our strecher and go to the hospital. the end
are those my balls on your face-evil
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