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me and my friends were playing a game of woodsball and these idiots decide theyre gonna ride their horses right through the middle of the game they said something about public land when it was really the kids backyard

now this may be viewed as a negative act from the paintball people to the non-paintballers---My friend and i were just shooting our markers out in front of this kids house that we knew and some wacko called the cops so we see them, throw our markers in a bush and run. well by the grace of God we got away. The cops that handle this neighborhood have me and my friend ID'd pretty well and they said the next time they catch us doing anything that they would arrest us and some other crap, and i dont need to go to jail, so thats why we ran. We look back on it now and laugh but it was scary when it was goin on.

How do you put an icon under your name; i know you have to go to the profile thing where it says to type waht you want under your name, but how do you enter an icon?
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