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that was one amazing story jaster. okay time for
my semicop story. me an my brother live right on city limits an there's this huge field/hill area (with about five-hundred friggin cows that really piss me off) that starts about 40yds away from our house we have too run and dive for cover cos we got psycho naybors(even tho their pretty cool about us shootin in our backyard) if they saw us walkin down the street my story wouldnt be semicop, anyway we have a few big oak trees up on one hill and theres a couple trees at the bottom of it to so of course i get the bottom cos im two years younger we have a pretty entertaining little one-on-
one (i lost cos he barely clipped me on the leg in this psycho all or nothin rush and lost his last bit of paint)then we headed back home two days ago we heard that a couple of guys got arrested for playin up there sucks to be them cos turns out its private property and the guy who owns the cows gets pretty pissed if you shoot his cows. lucky us we didnt get cot but that farmer would probably go psycho if he cot us oh well i just dont want to be the cow that gets in my way.

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